In the representation and direct partnership with software companies, we offer you professional products that will make your work easier,increase your efficiency and save money.


Agnis s.r.o. has been developing hotel information systems for over twenty years. During that time, it has become a major supplier of the hotel software market. Sophisticated hotel systems adapt to individual needs, so that the system meets all of the requirements for the hotel information system.

Medicus SPA

MEDICUS SPA is a CompuGroup Medical Spa Information System that extends the possibilities of the MEDICUS NIS program to manage health records of spa guests, organize the work of spa healthcare staff, and account for spa care provided to its payers. MEDICUS SPA can be connected to a hotel system (eg Agnis) with a program bridge that provides automatic data exchange between individual systems. By combining top-of-the-line systems, for hotel and spa, a system that comprehensively covers the needs of both the small and the largest spa facilities is created.



As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we bring solutions and support for the company’s products. With us you will get licenses, implementation and support for Windows, Windows Server, Office 365 (Business) and many more.


Representing and partnering with Stormware, we bring you the POODA economic software. POHODA will take care of your bookkeeping and tax records. Control is easy and intuitive, so even a beginner will not get lost in the accounting program. Additionally, you have enough freedom to set up additional features and parameters, so your POHODA will grow along with your business.